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Conducting Due Diligence Online is a provider of various Virtual Data Room Industry Solutions, each of which simplifies and efficiently monitors the transaction process. Our virtual data room services allow you to exchange documents securely, collaborate with multiple offices, provide global access anytime... anywhere... For your convenience, view our Due Diligence Checklists, and White Papers for Online Transactions.


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Why Online Due Diligence?

With the repercussions from the collapse of the financial industry and the Madoff scandal, the importance of proper due diligence and secure file sharing has been considerably heightened. The usage of virtual data rooms for ongoing operations, rather than just for individual transactions, is going to substantially increase. In the United States this is especially true, given the Obama administration’s regulatory emphasis on compliance and transparency for financial transactions especially related to private equity and hedge funds. In this new environment, virtual data rooms will prove to be critical for communicating and reporting accurate and up-to-date details to the fund’s investor’s. Likewise, companies are recognizing the economies and conveniences of establishing central document repositories, whereby their staff is provided controlled access, along with audit reporting and tracking, of information without regard to geographical limitations.

Conducting due diligence is a critical part of the transaction process -- and often the most tedious. As such, it is often tempting to simply get through the process as quickly as possible – a decision which can have disastrous results. Traditional war rooms have numerous limitations that can make the process more complicated, more expensive and more time-consuming than necessary. More and more, professionals are utilizing a virtual data room to simplify that process, speeding up transactions and reducing transaction costs. Our unique service provides innovative online data solutions that can make the process faster, easier and less expensive.


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Distribution, Data Security and Collaboration Solutions with Due Diligence Data Rooms

  • Provide Instant Access to your Documents Anywhere in the World

  • Allow Document Collaboration in the Cloud

  • Are Secured with Online Banking Level Encryption

  • Give You Full Audit and Tracking Capabilities (Know who Accessed What When and Protect Yourself from Litigation)

  • Are Brandable Document Repositories

  • Are Easy to Setup and Administer and Available in about Two Hours

  • Supported by a Knowledgeable Staff Available 24-7

image detailing the traditional war room approach and the virtual data room approach


About Due Diligence Online

As parent company of several Secure Document distribution and collaboration websites, including solutions such as Virtual Data Room Solutions, Virtual Deal Room Hosting, Private Investments in Public Equity Electronic Delivery, and Private Placement Memorandum Distributions, DDO provides a broad range of solutions for all your transaction needs.



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V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Room
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V-Rooms™ is an online virtual data room solution designed to make your document exchange quicker, simpler, and more secure. Whether for M&A due diligence, electronic PPM distribution, bankruptcy / restructuring, or project collaboration, V-Rooms™ provides you with a privately branded virtual data room (a V-Rooms™) that enables you to accelerate these complex, information-intensive processes, while reducing the time and expenses associated with due diligence data distribution, courier, printing and travel.

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